In Kenya we created media to support two extraordinary social change organizations. We produced an extensive photo library for Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai and the Greenbelt movement for use in their future campaigns.

We also worked in the slums of Nairobi to support Kids for Tomorrow, which is provides renewed hope for village children through education.

While in Kenya we seized a historic moment to document the inauguration of President Obama from a Kenyan perspective. We traveled to Kogelo (view on Google maps), the birthplace of President Obama's father and the current home of 'Mama' Obama, the President's grandmother. While documenting an amazing celebration in this small village we found that many in the country embrace Obama as one of their own.

Visit our blog to see a reposting of this story, originally published in the Huffington Post.


In Bhutan we are working with Persistent Productions to promote their documentary The Emerging Lens Initiative (TELI).  TELI is a documentary film produced in collaboration with Bhutanese and American youth who learn to use mobile phone video technology to share their views about the democracy.  Bhutan experienced its first ever democratic election the same year the US presidential race, and these events serve as the cornerstone for students' films.


In Cambodia have partnered with The Blind Project which works with local organizations to prevent human trafficking and protect vulnerable youth. They also provide support services in the form of education, life-skills training, and counseling for survivors of sex trafficking and child exploitation.
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In Colombia we are partnering with the Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution to create a program where young combats use video to document their experience and explore the possibility of disarmament as they grow into agents of peace in a country still divided by war.


In Ethiopia we have partnered with charity: water to build a well, and to raise awareness about the global water crisis that affects 1.1 billion people worldwide.  Unsafe drinking water causes the preventable deaths of 4,500 children every day.  Please visit charity: water ( to learn more.


In Uganda we are working on a story regarding charcoal production and its threat to the endangered mountain Gorilla. While in Uganda, we also used contributions from the See Change Global donor community to cure a family of five of syphilis. We came across two young children with disturbing growths on their head. After a trip to the local clinic we learned that the infant was in critical condition, and immediately acted to purchase medicine to treat the whole family. Stay tuned for these stories.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo gross human rights abuses abound. The deadliest conflict since WWII, children are conscripted forcibly into warring militias. To prove their bravery they are given whistles and sent to the front lines to blow them and draw fire from enemy forces. We are working with Falling Whistles to be whistle blowers for peace, to ‘let their weapon be your voice.’ Help provide programs for these former combatants and other opportunities DRC’s children visit and download the story here.


In Laos we are working with COPE to bring attention to the issue of unexploded ordinance, and the consequences of cluster bomb munitions.

This is in response to December’s meeting of Nations, which saw some of the World’s largest weapons producers refuse to ratify a treaty intended to save the lives of countless civilians killed by weapons left live in the field years after a war ends.

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Sri Lanka 

In Sri Lanka we have partnered with the country’s largest participatory action movement Sarvodaya, which works to support Sri Lanka’s most vulnerable children. 

We are currently in post-production on a short film about their work.  The production is about Sarvodaya’s programs for youth who would otherwise fall through the cracks of society, from malnutritioned children to teenage-mothers with nowhere else to turn.  Through the film we see that Sarvodaya builds not only a home for these youth, but also a renewed vision of what is possible.

Due to safety concerns we are not making this public. To view our video please contact us.

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Stay tuned for our campaign to bring economic opportunity to eight young women with dreams of building their own motorcycle repair shop in war-torn Sri Lanka.

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