Anyone can be a partner with See Change Global. We want this community to be about you.

Ways See Change Global can be beneficial to YOU:

  • Take the opportunity to engage in a community passionate about the people and places you love
  • Explore the world through stories of everyday people leading extraordinary lives
  • Connect to citizens, organizations, change agents, and artists engaged in the issue you care about
  • Act to build a better version and the world around you

This community isa reflection of you, a place you should want to come back to.  See Change Global will grow from our journey and yours.  Share your stories and let us know about those who inspire you in the world.

What would you like See Change Global to be?
Contact us with your thoughts. 


Partnerships are the cornerstone of our work.  See Change Global is a community.  We rely upon you for your stories, inspiration, and support. 

We are a community dedicated to service, but we believe in social enterprise and are working hard to turn this into a thriving and self-sustaining endeavor.  Your capital is crucial as we grow, as is your energy and creativity.  Be a part of the movement; See Change Global.

We would like to acknowledge the generosity of the countless individuals and organizations that continue to make our work possible.

Principal Partner

Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution

Institutional Support

  • The Earth Institute at Columbia University
  • The Fairfax Grant, Teachers College
  • The Volpe Fellowship, Teachers College

Gifts In Kind

  • Sarvodaya and Sarvodaya USA for their continued guidance and inspiration.
  • Richard Brooks for his council and generous gift of his mileage to get us to Africa.
  • Tobias Heinemann for conceptualizing, designing and creating this website and the See Change Global logo.


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