What we do:

We partner with organizations to foster awareness and informed action on global issues. To achieve this we produce content paired with clear, actionable steps to empower and motivate people to make a tangible difference. We train communities in need and collaborate with organizations to build sustainable coalitions that foster scalable social solutions.

To accomplish our goals we:

  • Identify critical issues and organizations working to address them
  • Create media that will inform and inspire people
  • Provide actionable steps for global citizens to make a tangible difference
  • Train local capacity in new technologies
  • Leverage each aspect of these projects to foster positive change and address the root causes of global problems

Who we are:

Michael Trainer’s mission is to use innovative media for education and social change.  As technology becomes more accessible and opportunities to foster global dialogue become more prevalent, Michael’s work is to be a bridge-builder connecting individuals and communities committed to innovative solutions to some of our greatest global challenges.  

As a Fulbright Scholar in Sri Lanka, Michael researched the ways arts are used to to build community. A graduate fellow at Columbia University, Michael has a Masters degree in International and Transcultural Affairs.

Currently, he serves as a strategic media consultant to the Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution.

Adam  Barton is an editor, producer, and documentary filmmaker.  Adam recently began working with the Charlie Rose Show in new media as an editor and producer.  He has taught in the Journalism program at Columbia University and has created work for VH1, HBO, Universal Music, and Capital Records. Adam graduated with honors from Wesleyan University.

Adam recently finished working on a feature length documentary for 12-time Emmy® Award winning producer/director Jon Alpert and Matthew O'Neill, which broadcast on HBO.

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To see more of Michael and Adam's professional portfolio visit: www.nativeresonance.com

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